Credit Card


Prepaid Credit Cards

Prepaid credit cards can be simply defined as branded cards which are loaded with money and used to purchase goods and services. These cards can be MasterCard, Visa or American Express branded. Individuals using these…


Tips for using debit cards

Report the loss or theft of your debit card immediately to your financial institution. Fraud happens! Check your statement and report any suspicious activity to your financial institution. Keep your receipts from all your debit…


Unbeatable Credit Cards

Unsecured Credit Card An unsecured credit card is a card that gives you a line of credit without you having to prove any payment based on a savings account. Basically credit cards that most people…


Understanding Charge-Offs

Charge-Offs: A definition “Charge-off” is an accounting term used when a creditor removes from their list of assets the amount they expect to receive from a debtor. For accounting purposes, the debt is considered uncollectible….


The Credit Card Interest Rate Tutorial

The Credit Card Interest Rate Tutorial Ask the average person what the credit card interest rate is on their credit card, and chances are, they won’t know. Despite the fact that credit cards are increasingly the accepted…