repair credit report

Repair Your Credit Report

Learning how to repair your credit report can improve your credit score and help you get better interest rates on mortgages or credit cards. Many credit reports in the US contain inaccurate information. Repair your…

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Bad Credit Information

Bad credit is not forever! Credit listings generally lose status after a period of time, usually seven years from the date of last payment, then disappear from your credit report. Bankruptcy can stay on your…


The Dangers of Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling agencies are non-profit organizations that are supposed to help consumers manage their money and their debt at no charge. Unfortunately, many of them are scams, even the legitimate ones are often of little…

Credit Score Myths

Credit Score Myths

Precisely how your credit score is calculated is a company secret, just like the recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken®. So it’s no wonder people have faulty information about credit scores. But professionals really ought to…