Frequently Asked Questions about the Debt Settlement Program

How does debt settlement work?
The first thing you’ll notice is that your phone call will be answered by a Debt Consultant whose main job is to answer your questions and help you get rid of your debt problems. The bottom-line is that debt settlement assists people who are having trouble paying minimum payments on their debt, or have simply run low on money and can’t make the payments. We counsel them and help create a savings plan so they can start saving to pay off the debt. While they are saving we work out a settlement with the creditors. Our average settlement is 35% of the balance owed.

What happens to my creditors while I’m saving on my program?
Your money is now going to your savings trust each month based on the amount you schedule. The money accumulates in the settlement account until enough is saved so we can negotiate a settlement. Your goal for the program is to commit to this monthly set aside instead of paying some of your minimum payments to a few select creditors. That will only get you further behind and stressed. Our plan lets you use the money to save for a lump settlement with your creditors. Your creditors are happy because otherwise you would have likely been headed for bankruptcy, and they would have gotten nothing.

How does this affect my credit?
If you’re currently having problems and behind on payments or if you might be in the future, your credit is already impacted. Your high debt to income ratio is the problem. Not to mention that you likely are already or fast becoming unable to pay all of your debts. Once you’ve completed our program you can look forward to being considered as credit worthy again. That takes a program with professional and caring assistance. Our goal is to help you get out of debt as quickly as possible while saving you money at the same time.

Will I be debt free when I finish the program?
We focus on working with you to get rid of your debt. We can clear your unsecured debt like credit cards, but secured debt like home loans and car loans in most cases cannot go into the program. Once you’ve completed your program you can keep using the savings plan and apply it to your secured loans and pay them off quicker as well. This too can save you lots more money.

How much will this cost me?
We set our fee as a percentage of the total of the outstanding debt that’s included in your program. We are the only ones in the industry that have no hidden fees. We are also the only company in the industry that doesn’t accelerate its fee if later in the program you come up with additional money to get out of debt sooner than projected. Ask any other company if they’ll put this in writing. Your debt consultant will work with you so you only pay what makes sense for the goals you want to achieve once you’re completely debt free.

Can’t I negotiate on my own; some creditors have already offered me a deal?
Certainly. You could also install your own computer system to handle networking and switching or repair your own car. It’s just that most of us don’t choose to do those things and leave them to the experts.

Our Debt Counselors are highly experienced and have a passion for helping clients get out of debt quickly while saving money in the process. Our negotiators are the most ethical and professional in the business. They settle thousands of dollars of debt for our clients every month. It just makes sense to let them work for you doesn’t it?

Will I need to consider a loan to pay off my current debts?
Fortunately, debt negotiation and settlement will change nearly everything related to when and how you pay creditors. Loans are for obtaining funds and our program will allow you to fund your own settlement through a savings plan. They may also require you to pledge your house. Should you get in debt trouble later and not be able to pay, you could lose your home. Our program will build you a solid path to total freedom from debt; usually in 36 months or less.

Is debt settlement like debt consolidation?
Not even close. The consolidator makes a loan so you can pay off all your debts. Then they charge you interest on the loan, and it could get a little tricky. This is because in some cases you’re still required to pay interest to your creditors. Naturally this means that your principal debt balance doesn’t change and it will take you lots of years to ever have a chance at becoming debt free.

When we work with you on your debt settlement program our experienced negotiators work hard to dramatically reduce your debt. Often you’ll only pay a portion of what you owed. Many of our clients complete their program and wipe out their debt within 24 to 36 months. That makes a big difference doesn’t it?

Will I still pay my creditors while I’m in the program?
This program is only for consumers who cannot pay their creditors. Once you’ve enrolled in our program you’ll start setting aside money each month into your savings plan. We’ll be negotiating for you so will be able to pay the creditors from your settlement account.

Will the creditors still call me?
One of the first things we’ll do is contact your creditors and notify them to begin contacting us on your behalf. It often takes 30 or so days for this to cycle out of their dialing system. During that period you’ll begin logging any calls or letters from creditors and report it to us.

Who are your clients?
Our program works for people who tend to work hard, live a good life but in the course of things have amassed a pretty serious amount of debt, especially unsecured debt. Often these folks have experienced the sudden loss of a job or divorce or some other unexpected situation. They find themselves in circumstances that are embarrassing, frightening and often unavoidable. They soon learn that they cannot keep up with their bills and there’s little hope they’ll ever lower the balances on their credit cards.

For these families and individuals, our team of professional and caring Debt Consultants can literally save the day. Their passion for customer service is the primary reason that our clients come to us in such large numbers. We definitely help clients pay off enormous debt loads while saving loads of money in the process. We’re the best at what we do for clients. There’s no doubt about it, our passion for it is obvious.

Are there any guarantees?
Debt Shield is the only company in this industry to offer a customer service guarantee and this is a guarantee of service within your projected time frame. Please fill out an application and one of our Debt Consultants will give you a call in a few minutes.

Will this stop late fees?
Fortunately your program will include the interest or late fees in your total debt balance. While we cannot stop creditors from adding late fees and interest we will negotiate your debt down to just a portion of what you owe. Your savings are much larger than any interest or late fees that would accrue.

When should I consider bankruptcy?
Over the years we have found that nothing in a person’s experience can be as damaging as bankruptcy. Its impact on lives is so heavy that most who have done it, when surveyed; state they would never do it again if they had that option.

Bankruptcy stays on your credit file up to 10 years. Every time you fill out a credit application you’ll have to answer if you’ve ever declared bankruptcy so it does actually follow you for the rest of your life.

If your circumstances are so serious that you’re looking at the option of bankruptcy, please call and speak with one of our Debt Consultants. Let them answer your questions about debt negotiation before your make the final decision to take action. If you are still unsure, you should definitely speak with a bankruptcy attorney because we cannot give you legal advice. Of course, we also won’t be charging you what an attorney could charge.

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