Unbeatable Credit Cards

Unsecured Credit Card An unsecured credit card is a card that gives you a line of credit without you having to prove any payment based on a savings account. Basically credit cards that most people…


The Dangers of Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling agencies are non-profit organizations that are supposed to help consumers manage their money and their debt at no charge. Unfortunately, many of them are scams, even the legitimate ones are often of little…

Credit Score Myths

Credit Score Myths

Precisely how your credit score is calculated is a company secret, just like the recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken®. So it’s no wonder people have faulty information about credit scores. But professionals really ought to…


Understanding Charge-Offs

Charge-Offs: A definition “Charge-off” is an accounting term used when a creditor removes from their list of assets the amount they expect to receive from a debtor. For accounting purposes, the debt is considered uncollectible….


The Credit Card Interest Rate Tutorial

The Credit Card Interest Rate Tutorial Ask the average person what the credit card interest rate is on their credit card, and chances are, they won’t know. Despite the fact that credit cards are increasingly the accepted…


Understanding Prepaid Credit Cards

Prepaid credit cards are probably the most misunderstood plastic financial tools on the market. The name itself: “prepaid credit card” can be misleading. The closest a prepaid credit card comes to an actual credit card as…


No Documents Payday Loans

There are times that we really are in need of cash and most probably these are times when we experience emergency. Those that we asked assistance for may not be ready to help us out…