Password Manager – Why Is It Needed?

The password of your internet account should be treated as the only key required for accessing the information vault containing almost every vital and personal detail of yours. No wonder, you should look for the best password manager for protecting your online account.

However, most of you often use one compatible password for accessing all your different internet accounts. In this process, you do not require to remember multiple passwords for multiple accounts. Just one click and it opens any account for you every single time.

But it can be mentioned that using this simple trick might get you backfired. If any profession hacker cracks the aforesaid password of yours then he/she can easily gain access to your every internet accounts and steal all required data. Thanks to the password manager which can simply help out from getting rid of this problem.

What is a password manager?

Basically online password manager is a software that can easily be downloaded from any trusted website. This software allows its user to store all necessary login information in a specially encrypted format and helps in retrieving the same when required. To keep the hackers away from sneaking into your personal details, most of these softwares require a master password from you to gain access into it. Only with the successful entry of that master password, it can perform all the required encryption as well as decryption procedures.

However, it is suggested that you should gothrough the mentioned system requirements for the software before downloading and installing it on your desktop.

Reasons why you need password manager software:

Offers security:

First of all, password manager for mac offers you added security. The best software in this field is developed with several in–built safety features to help protecting your account along with computer from unknown attackers. Such protection system might include in-memory protection, password protection from guessing and dictionary attacks, password suggestions etc.


Password generator:

The best password manager in the market also comes with a strong password generator which is based on advanced patterns of character sets in addition with many other useful options. It will not only help you protecting your account details but also generate a number of safe and secure passwords for you.


A online password manager also has got an in-built collaborative feature. With its help, you may simply share your vital and personal account details with your family members along with near and dear ones. You can also control and manage team members, various projects, clients, your employees etc. using the same. Hence, you never again have to depend on any conventional shared spreadsheet or similar stuffs.


Another key feature of password manager software is its portability. It means that your user name and password which is already saved in the password manager can be easily exported to another computer and hence you can have it retrieved from any other place using other computers in no time. It can also be treated as mobile security software as it can be carried along with while you are travelling.

Backup facility:

You can simply save your precious list of passwords in any drive of your computer or in some other places of storage such as external hard disc, USB key, memory card etc. In this process, if somehow your desktop gets damaged then you may simply retrieve the backup copy of password list from those drives for further usage. However, several online password manager reviews can be used as a reference while choosing the best suitable one for your use.

Password modification facility:

If the site owner changes the main login field settings at the login page, your password manager will automatically stop working. This is because the main URL address of that website might have also changed or the pattern of the login field might have modified a bit. If this situation occurs, your software will ask you to refresh all your own login settings as well. Hence the latest changes that have been made can be stored into the software settings as well.

Form filler facility:

Some software even can be pre-loaded with the unique form filler facility by which you can get help while filling up any online forms. While filling those forms, all you need to do is to enter certain personal information such as (your name, age, address, credit card information etc.) and a preset data can be retrieved automatically and it will fill up the rest of the form field in no time. However, you may go through various password manager reviews to get more information about the same.

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